The invisible face of the fallout-THE HINDU-21-04-2020


While catastrophes affect people at large, the economical, sociological and psychological impact that each catastrophe has on women is profound.

Issues faced in the pandemic:

India has a million-plus accredited social health activist workers who are an integral part of its health system. Stringent action against their tormentors is needed to ensure their professional safety. Women from all strata face substantial additional household work. Alongside this is the fear of job loss and reduced income which can create mental pressure on women, in turn affecting their physical well-being.

The lower income groups are already facing job losses and anxiety is leading to domestic tensions and violence against women. The ban on alcohol sales, as a part of the national lockdown, is contributing to domestic tensions, leading to women abuse. Hormone-induced depression among women is another key point that needs to be understood and acknowledged. Women are twice as likely to face depression when compared to men.

These are not discussed as women are trained to follow the ‘culture of silence’. Awareness among men about these conditions women experience is low.

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