Beijing names disputed islands-THE HINDU-22-04-2020


In this August 18, 2013 photo, Japanese Coast Guard boat and vessel sail alongside Japanese activists' fishing boat, not in photo, warning the activists away from a group of disputed islands called Diaoyu by China and Senkaku by Japan. Japan on Friday named five uninhabited small isles belonging to an island group in the centre of a dispute with China as part of efforts to reinforce its claim, a move likely to spark anger from Beijing and another claimant, Taiwan. The five islands, named after directions of the compass, are part of the group in the East China Sea known as the Senkaku in Japanese and the Diaoyu in Chinese. The government said that naming the islands is meant to raise public awareness that they belong to Japan.

“China has its own approach, and Japan has our own fundamental position on the Senkaku islands. Taiwan, which calls them Diaoyutai, also claims the islands but has worked out an arrangement with Japan guaranteeing its fishermen access to the area, and it rejects any notion of joining with Beijing on the matter. China and Japan are also at odds over exploitation of East China Sea gas deposits in the area.

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