Army proposes 3-year stint for civilians-THE HINDU-14-05-2020


In a first of its kind proposal. the Army plans to take civilians on a three- year ‘Tour of Duty’ or ‘three-year short service’ on a trial basis to serve in the force as both officers and other ranks initially for a limited number of vacancies and then expanded later. This is expected to result in significant reduction in pay and pensions and free up funds for the Army’s modernisation. “The proposal is under consideration.

If approved, it will be voluntary and there will be no dilution of criteria in selection,” Army sources said. Analysing the cost of training incurred on each personnel compared to the limited employment of the manpower for three years, the proposal calculates that it will indeed have a positive benefit.

It states that the cumulative approximate cost of pre-commission training, pay, allowances, gratuity, proposed severance packages, leave encasement and other costs is nearly Rs.5.12 crore and Rs.6.83 crore respectively on a Short Service Commission officer if he or she is released from Service after 10 and 14 years.

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