Afghan President, rival sign power sharing deal-THE HINDU-18-05-2020


Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and political rival Abdullah Abdullah have signed a power-sharing agreement two months after both declared themselves the winner of last September’s presidential election.

Reconciliation Council:

The Reconciliation Council has been given the authority to handle and approve all affairs related to Afghanistan’s peace process. Abdullah’s team, confirmed an agreement had been signed at the presidential palace. Afghanistan has been in political disarray since the country’s Election Commission in December announced Mr. Ghani had won the September 28 election with more than 50% of the vote. Abdullah both declared themselves president in parallel inauguration ceremonies in March.

They have been locked in a power struggle since then and the discord prompted the Trump administration to announce it would cut USD1 billion in assistance to Afghanistan if the two weren’t able to work out their differences.

It was seen at the time as Afghanistan’s best chance at peace in decades of war. has been trying to get the Taliban and the Afghan government to begin intra-Afghan negotiations, but the political turmoil and personal acrimony between Mr. Ghani and Mr. Abdullah impeded talks. Poverty in Afghanistan is defined as a person who survive on USD1 or less a day.

Successive Afghan governments, including Ghani’s, have been accused by international watchdogs of widespread corruption. The country’s health care system, devastated by four decades of war, is woefully unprepared for a major outbreak.

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