Over 42,000 undertrials released-THE HINDU-18-05-2020


It said the highest number of undertrial prisoners released was 9,977 in Uttar Pradesh, followed by 5,460 in Rajasthan and 4,547 in Tamil Nadu, 3,698 in Punjab and 3,400 in Maharashtra. The court said the National Crime Records Bureau put the rate of occupancy at Indian prisons at 117.6%.

The court issued guidelines, formed committees and asked the legal services authorities to work together and release undertrial prisoners and those on bail and parole to bring the prison population down. Legal assistance was provided in 658 cases of domestic violence during the lockdown.

The focus has been to provide legal assistance as well counselling services to victims and the needy,” the report said. It said legal aid and assistance was provided in 310 cases of tenants facing eviction during the lockdown. “More than 90 lakh people have so far been facilitated by the Legal Services Authorities in accessing food, medicine, shelter, etc.

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