New technique for lung treatment of newborns launched in Jaipur-THE HINDU-19-05-2020


A recent medical technique, known as less invasive surfactant administration , has been started at J. Lon Government Children’s Hospital here for treatment of lung disease or respiratory distress syndrome among premature babies.

Most of the premature babies admitted to the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit had the problem of less mature lungs, resulting in difficulty in breathing at the time of birth. LISA technique had been found to be very helpful in minimising the side effects, he added. Gupta said the new technique’s main objective was to minimise damage to the fragile premature lungs.

LISA has been developed as a lung protective strategy for respiratory management and ventilation in view of the mechanical ventilation causing damage to the preterm lungs of newborns. Infants considered suitable for LISA are those being managed with primary CPAP or high flow with the evidence of increasing respiratory distress and with a rising oxygen requirement.

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