Locust swarms attack crops in M.P.-THE HINDU-23-03-2020


First such invasion since 1992-93:

Six swarms of locust entered Madhya Pradesh on May 17 from Rajasthan but have caused minimal crop damage so far as fields lie fallow. The swarms, which could be 1-2 km to 10-12 km long and 1.5-2 km wide, move around 100-150 km every day during daylight in the wind direction.

District-level teams:

The State government has set up district-level teams comprising revenue, police and agriculture officials to track the swarms during the day. The most effective time to kill locust, using pesticide, is between 3 a. On May 21, a swarm settled at a village in Neemuch district, which borders Rajasthan. Another descended on three villages in Ujjain district, and the third one on another three villages in the district.

In Sheopur district, one swarm descended on a village. Central locust control teams are also aiding efforts. Another swarm descended on two villages in Ratlam district where 65-70% control was achieved.

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