Hindi as official language in Haryana courts challenged-THE HINDU-29-05-2020


Lawyers have challenged in the Supreme Court a law which makes Hindi the official language in courts in Haryana. Their petition contends that the Haryana Official Language Act of 2020 has unconstitutionally and arbitrarily imposed Hindi as the sole official language to be used in lower courts across the State.

The imposition of Hindi as the sole language would result in an unreasonable classification between lawyers who are fluent in Hindi and those who are not. The lawyers argue that the amendment has been introduced under the misconception that everyone practising law in the lower courts of Haryana are proficient in Hindi.

There were a sizeable number of lawyers who would be handicapped in arguing their cases to the fullest in Hindi. Imposing Hindi in courts and making it the only possible way to get justice is irrational, the petition says.

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