Tablighi activity now a specific visa violation-THE HINDU-05-06-2020


Indulging in Tablighi activities will attract a penalty of USD500 fine.

The amended guidelines read, “foreign nationals granted any type of visa and Overseas Citizens of India cardholders shall not be permitted to engage themselves in Tabligh work. There will be no restriction in visiting religious places and attending normal religious activities like attending religious discourses.

However, preaching religious ideologies, making speeches in religious places, distribution of audio or visual display/ pamphlets pertaining to religious ideologies, spreading conversion etc. will not be allowed. Till June 2, a total of 2,600 Tablighi foreigners have been blacklisted from entering India for 10 years under “Category A” of the Visa Manual 2018, a senior government official said.

A foreigner who is blacklisted cannot get a visa from any of the missions to come to India.

Directive to States:

On March 28, the MHA wrote to the States that around 2,000 Tablighis from Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand who entered India on tourist visa appear to be “potential carriers” of COVID-19.

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