Indian Railways Sets up Solar Plant in Bina, MP-THE HINDU-07-07-2020

Context: Indian Railways Sets up Solar Plant in Bina, MP & Becomes the 1st Organization in the World to Directly Supply Power to Railway Overhead Line.


*1st time in the world, Indian Railways will directly supply power to Overhead Traction System of train.To achieve this feat, Indian Railways has recently set up 1.7 MWp at Bina (M.P) which shall be connected directly to Overhead Traction System.

*This project is unique because, for the first time in the world, the power generated by the solar power plant will be directly fed to the overhead power lines of the national transporter to power the traction system of the electric locomotives to run trains.

*The pilot project of 1.7 mega watt solar power plant has been set up by Indian Railways in collaboration with Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited (BHEL) on railway land.

*Indian Railways will transform itself as ‘Net Zero’ Carbon Emission Mass Transportation Network by 2030.

The Solar Power Plant:

*According to the Railway Board Chairman, Indian Railways is planning to install solar power plants with a total capacity of 3 giga watts, in the coming years.

*The power generated by these solar plants will directly feed the traction power for locomotives.

*This will become help to completely ‘Green mode of transportation’ as well as ‘Atma Nirbhar’ to Indian Railway.

*The DC energy generated by solar panels will be converted into AC energy through these unique inverters and stepped up to 25 kV AC -1 through the transformer to directly feed power to the BINA TSS which is used for running of electric trains.


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