Contempt of court -THE INDIAN EXPRESS- 10-AUG-2020

Issues with the concept of contempt:

The C-O-C is a centuries-old British law which was abolished in 2013, this was mainly to hide judicial corruption.
The concept, therefore, clashed with the need for transparency but also freedom of speech.

What can be done?
While justice is important, judges must not take themselves too seriously.
Even if their amour propre is offended, it does not mean the institution has been questioned or justice brought into disrepute.
Judges deliver justice, they do not embody it.
They should never forget their Court is supreme because it’s final not because it’s infallible.
When they lapse they can be criticised, but of course, politely and fairly.
Indian Supreme Court hopefully pay attention to this aspect while delivering the judgement on the contempt cases.

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