Lockdown hit treatment under PMJAY scheme -THE HINDU- 11 AUG 2020


According to official data, the nationwide lockdown had a significant negative impact on inpatient care utilisation under the Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PMJAY).

There was a small but perceptible shift in PMJAY utilisation from the public to private hospitals. There was a slight shift from public to private hospitals for neo-natal care.

The steepest decline (more than 75%) was registered in Assam, followed by Maharashtra and Bihar.
Much smaller declines (about 25% or less) were observed in Uttarakhand, Punjab and Kerala.

The claim volumes under the scheme have fallen by more than 50% compared with the months leading up to the lockdown.

There were declines in admissions for child delivery and oncology; also a sharp fall in cardiovascular surgeries.

While access to medical facilities was one of the few exceptions during the lockdown, care-seeking behaviours and healthcare provision were significantly affected.

Reasons being:
Hospitals being preoccupied with COVID-19 preparations or caseloads, resulting in fewer resources for non-COVID-19 cases.
Delay in seeking treatment or foregoing it due to the fear of infection at a hospital.
Public transport shutdowns and mobility constraints.
Nascent economic crisis had an effect on financial considerations related to seeking care.

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