Negative Imports List for Defence -THE INDIAN EXPRESS - 11 AUG 2020

The Defence Ministry announced a list of 101 items that it will stop importing.

Items included in the negative list
The items mentioned in the negative imports list include:

water jet fast attack craft to survey vessels, pollution control vessels, light transport aircraft, GSAT-6 terminals, radars, unmanned aerial vehicles, to certain rifles, artillery guns, bulletproof jackets, missile destroyers, etc.

Negative Imports List
The negative list essentially means that the Armed Forces—Army, Navy and Air Force—will only procure all of these 101 items from domestic manufacturers.
The manufacturers could be private sector players or Defence Public Sector Undertakings (DPSUs).

As per SIPRI report, India has been the second-largest importer between 2014 and 2019 with US$ 16.75 billion worth of imports.
By denying the possibility of importing the items on the negative list, the domestic industry is given the opportunity to step up and manufacture them for the needs of the forces.
The government has been hoping that the defence manufacturing sector can play a leading role in boosting the economy, not just for the domestic market, but to become an exporter as well.

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