NSO report shows stark digital divide affects education - The Hindu - 09-09-2020

NSO released the findings of the survey on household social consumption related to education, as part of the NSO’s 75th round, conducted from July 2017 to June 2018.
The report shows just how stark the digital divide is, across States, cities and villages, and income groups.


Across India, only one in 10 households have a computer — whether a desktop, laptop or tablet.
However, almost a quarter of all homes have Internet facilities, accessed via a fixed or mobile network using any device, including smartphones.

Most of these Internet-enabled homes are located in cities, where 42% have Internet access.
In rural India, however, only 15% are connected to the Internet.

Delhil has the highest Internet access, with 55% of homes having such facilities.
Himachal Pradesh and Kerala are the only other states where more than half of all households have Internet.

Odisha has the least Internet-enabled homes.

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