National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB) - PIB - 10-09-2020

A report on the journey of the NSTEDB in catalyzing innovation, entrepreneurship, and incubation was launched by the Secretary, Department of Science and Technology (DST).

The various institutional mechanisms under the Board include the following:

National Initiative for Developing and Harnessing Innovations (NIDHI)
NewGen Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre ( NewGen IEDC)
Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development (STED) Project
Innovation – Science and Technology based Entrepreneurship Development (i-STED)
Science & Technology Entrepreneurs Park (STEP)
Technology Business Incubator (TBI)


The NSTEDB was established in 1982 by the Government of India under the aegis of the DST.
It is an institutional mechanism to help promote knowledge-driven and technology-intensive enterprises.
The Board, having representations from socio-economic and scientific Ministries/Departments, aims to convert “job-seekers” into “job-generators” through Science & Technology (S&T) interventions.
Its broad objective is to promote gainful self-employment amongst the Science and Technology (S&T) manpower in the country.

Objectives of NSTEDB:

To promote knowledge-based and innovation-driven enterprises.
To facilitate the generation of entrepreneurship and self-employment opportunities for S&T persons.
To facilitate information dissemination.
To network with various Central & State Government agencies for S&T based entrepreneurship development.
To act as a policy advisory body to the Government agencies for S&T based entrepreneurship development.
To generate employment through technical skill development using S&T infrastructure.

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