Branded witches, two killed and cremated in Assam - The Hindu - 03/10/2020


Witch-hunting involves the branding of victims, especially women as witches, where they are accused of possessing supernatural powers to harm others.
A combination of superstitious beliefs, religious practices and patriarchal norms results in women being accused of witchcraft.
Witch-hunting has been an age-old social malaise in Assam.
It is mostly reported from the western part of the state.
Data presented in the State Assembly said witch-hunting claimed the lives of 107 people from 2011 to 2019.

The police in Assam’s Karbi Anglong district have arrested nine persons, for killing a man and a woman after branding them as witches and cremating them together.

Steps taken:

The Assam police had in 2001 launched Project Prahari to counsel certain communities against practising witch-hunting.
In order to put an end to the practice, Assam Witch Hunting (Prohibition, Prevention and Protection) Act was passed.

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