Display Tricolour at home from August 13 to 15, PM urges people-The hindu-25/07/2022

Context: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday took to Twitter to ask Indians to hoist or display the National Flag at their homes from August 13 to August 15 as part of the Har Ghar Tiranga initiative of the government.

What is the Flag Code of India?
The Flag Code of India 2002 is a set of instructions used while displaying and hoisting the National Flags. The Flag Code of India brings together all laws, conventions, practices, and instructions for the display of the National Flag. It governs the display of the National Flag by Private, Public, and Government Institutions. The Flag Code of India took effect on 26th January 2002.
The key point which we need to know:
National Flag shall be rectangular in shape. The Flag can be of any size but the ratio of the length to the height (width) of the National Flag shall be 3:2.
when the National Flag is displayed in a straight line with flags of other countries, the National Flag shall be on the extreme right. The flags of other nations will follow in alphabetical order as per the English versions of the names of the nations. If the flags are flown in a closed circle formation, the National Flag is flown first and is followed by flags of other nations in a clockwise manner. When the flag is displayed against the wall with another flag from crossed staffs, the National Flag shall be on the right and its staff will be in front of the staff of the other flag.
According to “The Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act, 1971”, The National Flag shall not be used as a form of drapery in any form whatsoever, including private funerals. The National Flag shall not be used as a portion of costume or uniform of any description nor shall it be embroidered or printed upon cushions, handkerchiefs, napkins, or any dress material. There shall be no lettering upon the National Flag. The National Flag shall not be used to wrap, receive, or deliver things. The National Flag shall not be used to cover the sides, back, and top of any vehicle. The flag is displayed open, it should, as far as possible, be flown from sunrise to sunset, irrespective of weather conditions.
The privilege of hosting the National Flag on motor cars is only limited to the following persons.
Governors and Lieutenant Governors
Heads of Indian Missions/Posts
Prime Minister
Cabinet Ministers, Minister of State, and Deputy Ministers of the Union
Chief Minister and Cabinet Minister of a State or Union Territory
Speaker of the Lok Sabha, Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha, Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha, Chairman of Legislative Councils in States, Speakers of the Legislative Assemblies in States and Union Territories, Deputy Chairman of Legislative Council in States, Deputy Speakers of Legislative Assemblies in States and Union Territories
Chief Justice of India
Judges of Supreme Court
Chief Justice of High Courts
Judges of High Courts
What should I keep in mind while displaying the National Flag at my home?
As per Clause 2.2 of the Flag Code of India, a member of the public, a private organization, or an educational institution may hoist/display the National Flag on all days or occasions in accordance with the dignity and honor of the National Flag. Whenever the National Flag is on display, it should occupy the position of honor and should be distinctly placed. A damaged or disheveled National Flag should not be displayed.
-India’s national flag is a symbol of great pride for our country. till now it was confined to only institutional and ceremonial functions. but now through this campaign, efforts are being made to personally connect the national flag with countrymen.
-When every person as a nation hoists the national flag at his home, it will show our commitment as a nation.
-This will increase the feeling of patriotism among the countrymen and the citizens of the country will become more aware of the national flag. this will increase the respect for the national flag.
-Under this program, every Indian should hoist the national flag at their home. The idea behind this is to invoke the feeling of patriotism in the hearts of every Indian irrespective of caste, creed, and religion.
-The program helps to connect every Indian personally with the flag. it brings the commitment to nation-building. The program of Har Ghar Tiranga also promotes awareness about our national flag.
-Any citizen of India can display the flag at their home but they should maintain the dignity and honor of that national flag.

During the last 75 years of independence, India has made progress in every field. therefore, it is a matter of great pride for every Indian citizen to celebrate the Amrit Mahotsav of independence.“Har Ghar Tiranga” campaign will take the spirit of patriotism to the highest level, so it is the duty of all of us Indians to make this campaign of the government a success with our participation. Our National Flag is our pride, Let’s unfurl it worldwide.

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