Kerala savari-The Hindu-23-08-2022


‘Kerala Savari’, the country’s first-time online taxi service owned by a State Government, cab service launched by the government.

Aim :

To ensure fair and decent service to passengers along with fair remuneration to auto taxi ensure safe travel for the public at government-approved fares without any surge pricing.

Nodel agencies :

Operated by the Motor Workers Welfare Board under the aegis of the Labour Department, the Kerala Government.

Why Kerala government take this initiative?
What is the problem with the private cab system?

A long list of allegations of unfair trade practices and violation of consumer rights by private app-based cab aggregators have come as a major concern for governments.

The Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) had issued notices to cab aggregators Ola and Uber for unfair trade practices and violation of consumer rights.

Passengers often complain about the deficiency in services including charging exorbitant fares during peak hours, unprofessional behaviour on the part of drivers, and lack of proper response from customer support.

undue levy of cancellation charges despite the cab driver refusing to accept the ride booked by the passenger.

Significance of Kerala safari :

1. There will be no fluctuation in fares on Kerala Savari irrespective of day or night or rain.
2. Kerala Savari only charges an 8% service charge in place of 20-30% charges by private cab aggregators in addition to the rate set by the government.
3. cab owners working for Kerala savari would often get more fare than private agencies.
4. Kerala Savari is claimed as a safe and reliable online service for women, children, and senior citizens.
5. Panic button introduced in a cab. This button can be pressed in the event of a car accident or
in cases of any other danger. When one presses the button, there is an option to select the Police, Fire Force, and Motor Vehicle Department numbers.
6. There will install GPS in vehicles at a subsidised rate.
7. A 24-hour call centre has been prepared for this purpose, where people get an immediate grievance redressal mechanism to address the passenger problem.

Conclusion :

The State government plans to bring all auto taxi workers engaged in the sector under the new
platform. Since smartphone literacy is high in Kerala, the State is hopeful of bringing them under the scheme in a short span of time. In addition, the Kerala government has also decided to provide fuel, insurance, and tyre subsidies for vehicle owners in the future.

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