New Ensign of Navy-The Hindu-03-09-2022

CONTEXT: The new naval ensign will replace the present ensign
Know more about the New Ensign of the Navy.
New Ensign of Navy
The new naval ensign will replace the present ensign that carries the Saint George’s Cross with the Tricolour in the canton (top left corner of the flag).
This ensign is essentially a successor to the pre-Independence ensign of the Indian Navy which had the red George’s Cross on a white background with the Union Jack of the United Kingdom on the top left corner.
After Independence, on August 15, 1947, the Indian defence forces continued with the British colonial flags and badges and it was only on Jan 26, 1950, that a changeover to Indianised pattern was made.

The White Ensign identified nationwide with the Navy, now comprises two main constituents - the National Flag in the upper left canton, and a Navy Blue - Gold octagon at the centre of the fly side (away from the staff).New ensign was inspired by the seal of Maratha king Chhatrapati Shivaji.

The Octagon is with twin golden octagonal borders encompassing the golden National Emblem (Lion Capital of Ashoka – undescribed with ‘Satyamev Jayate’ in blue Devnagri script) resting atop an anchor; and superimposed on a shield. Below the shield, within the octagon, in a golden bordered ribbon, on a Navy Blue background, is inscribed the motto of the Indian Navy ‘Sam No Varunah’ in golden Devnagriscript.
The design encompassed within the octagon has been taken from the Indian Naval crest, wherein the fouled anchor, which is also associated with a colonial legacy, has been replaced with a clear anchor underscoring the steadfastness of the Indian Navy.

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