Miyawaki method-The Hindu-10-09-2022

What is Miyawaki method ?
The method involves planting two to four trees per square metre. Miyawaki forests grow in two to three years and are self-sustaining. They help lower temperatures in concrete heat islands, reduce air and noise pollution, attract local birds and insects, and create carbon sinks.
Fazilka district of Punjab has become a trend setter in expanding forest cover by applying the Miyawaki method.
Miyawaki method is a technique of urban afforestation by creating micro forests over small plots of land.
It was devised by Japanese botanist Akira Miyawaki in 1980s.
It ensures 10 times faster growth of plant and 30 times denser than usual.
In this technique, native trees of region are divided into four layers (shrub, sub-tree, tree, and canopy) after identification and analysis of soil quality.

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