GREEN EVENT TOOLS-The Hindu-22-09-2022

GREEN EVENT TOOLS-The Hindu-22-09-2022

KNOW ABOUT Green Event Tools :

The GET is suitable for management, conference, meeting, exhibition, trades, fairs etc
Gulf Organisation for Research & Development (GORD), UNFCCC secretariat and UNEP unveiled an online GET to facilitate eco-friendly events.
The get is an integrated web-based assessment platform designed to promote &evaluate the sustainability of events.
It is developed by UNEP, The UNECCC secretariate &gulf organization for research and development.

From transportation & lodging to paper trails, catering & energy use, the GET provides an all-encompassing approach that identifies ways to host eco-friendly events with reduced carbon footprint & another impact.
The purpose of getting is to encourage actions to reduce the negative impacts of events, including their carbon footprint, at the planning and implementation stages.
It allows for:
Transparent reporting of calculated carbon footprint and actions to address sustainability; third-party verification process (optional but encouraged) to receive a sustainability rating; recommending the use of high-quality carbon credits.

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