Satellite broadband services in India-The Hindu-03-10-2022

CONTEXT: The race to provide exhaustive satellite broadband services in India

Satellite communication has been gaining prominence globally and is seeing a lot of interest, investments, and innovations. The two biggest developments in the global satellite communication space are the emergence of LEO (low-earth orbit constellations) which promises to provide truly global coverage and lower latency service, and HTS (High Throughput Satellites Service) which offers unprecedented capacity and flexibility.
What is HTS?
Succinctly put, High-throughput Satellite differs from a conventional satellite in the sense that it increases capacity when using the same amount of orbital spectrum while simultaneously reducing the cost per bit.
HTS provides much more bandwidth. It provides much lower-cost bandwidth, and it provides a much higher user experience.
HTS uses spot-beam to perform its operations, unlike traditional satellites which use a broad single beam or few beams. Spot beam technology allows focus on a limited area and provides seamless and fast connectivity.
Hughes India uses its home-grown Jupiter system for both HTS and conventional satellite implementations worldwide. HCI is currently providing satellite broadband access to more than two lakh business and government sites across India.

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