Six spider species-The Hindu-19-10-2022

Six spider species-The Hindu-19-10-2022
CONTEXT: Arachnologists from the Centre for Animal Taxonomy and Ecology (CATE), Christ College, Irinjalakuda in Kerala have discovered six new species of spiders from across the country.
The new species of spiders were found in the Garo hills in Meghalaya, the Thar desert of Rajasthan, Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, Kottappara hills near Kothamangalam, Thumboormuzhi butterfly garden near Athirappilly.
Garo hills of Meghalaya -The first spotting of the genus Siamspinops from India with a new species Siamspinops garoensis. This belongs to the family of flat spiders, Selenopidae. This spider lives in the crevices of rocks on hills and its flat body is suitable for this mode of life. The yellowish-brown spider measures about 10 mm in length. There is a black circle around its eyes and black patches on the abdomen.
Two new species of spiders coming under the family of jumping spiders ( Salticidae) were discovered in the Thar desert of Rajasthan and the Kurichiyad forest ranges of the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary.
Afraflacilla miajlarensis, the Thar species, is characterised by white fine hairs on a black head and black horizontal lines on the abdomen. This spider stays among dry leaf blades.
Afraflacilla kurichiadensis, the Wayanad species, is characterised by red patches around the eyes and white hairs on the abdomen.
Two new species of spiders belonging to the family of spiny-legged spiders (Oxyopidae) have been discovered in the Thumboormuzhi butterfly garden, near the Athirappilly waterfalls, The former one is characterised by a yellowish body and is named Oxyopes peetham. The latter one has been named Oxyopes thumboormuzhiensis, to signify the locality where the spiders were spotted. The members of this family are commonly known as lynx spiders because of their lynx-like feeding behaviour.

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