Conservation of vultures-The Hindu-21-10-2022

Conservation of vultures-The Hindu-21-10-2022
A total of nine species of vultures are found in India.
Out of these six species are resident (white-rumped vulture, Indian vulture, slender-billed vulture, red-headed vulture, bearded vulture and Egyptian vulture)
Three species are migratory (cinereous vulture, griffon vulture and Himalayan vulture).
They act as nature’s scavengers.
Threats: collision and electrocution, unintentional poisoning (consumed carcasses of animals
treated with Diclofenac for ailments).
Action Plan for Vulture Conservation in India, 2020-2025, Concept of vulture restaurants (by various states) - allows the local population to bring in dead animals and livestock as food for vultures.

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