Buddhist Nyingma sect - The Hindu - 25/11/22

Context: Recently in a significant development in the Tibetan Buddhist circles, the Nyingma sect has identified a boy from Spiti in Himachal Pradesh as the “reincarnation” of the late Taklung Setrung Rinpoche, a scholar known for his knowledge of Tibetan Tantric school.
Prelims - History, Art and Culture
The Nyingmapa order has the longest history establishment history of transmitting all the four major traditions of Tibetan Buddhism.
Nyingmapa’s trace their translation lineage back to the Samye Monastery, the first Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Tibet.

-The practice of Dzogchen (Great Perfection). It the highest perfection in deity visualization.
It seeks to directly examine the fundamental mind without the aid of Visualization like statue and Thangkha.
-The tradition of Terma. Padmasambhava has hidden lots of scriptures in a different location for the future master to find and preach.

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