Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre (I4C)-The Hindu-11-01-2020


This will be met through a National Cybercrime Threat Analytics Unit (TAU), which shall provide a platform for law enforcement personnel, persons from private sector, academia and research organizations to work collaboratively in order to analyse all pieces of puzzles of cybercrimes.

Threat Analytics Unit shall also produce cybercrime threat intelligence reports and organize periodic interaction on specific cybercrime centric discussions.

Create multi-stakeholder environment for bringing together law enforcement specialists and industry experts.

Components Of The I4C:

National Cyber Crime Threat Analytics Unit,
National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal,
National Cyber Crime Training Centre,
Cyber Crime Ecosystem Management Unit,
National Cyber Crime Research and Innovation Centre,
National Cyber Crime Forensic Laboratory Ecosystem and
Platform for Joint Cyber Crime Investigation

The portal enables citizens to report online content with specific focus on crimes against women, children, particularly child pornography, child sex abuse material, online content pertaining to rapes/gang rapes.

conclusion :

The portal can boost the capacity of the law enforcement agencies to investigate cases and will improve the success rate of prosecutions.

The portal will improve coordination among the law enforcement agencies of different states, districts and police stations for dealing with cyber-crimes in a coordinated and effective manner.

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