Women in Judiciary - IE - 01/12/22

Recently, the Supreme Court has recently appointed a female all-woman bench for the third time in its history.
The first time the Supreme Court had an all-woman bench was in 2013, and the second occasion came in 2018.
GS2 - Polity
State of Women in Judiciary:-
-During the last 70 years, no significant attempt has been made to provide adequate representation for women in the High Courts or Supreme Court.
-There have been only 11 women judges on the Supreme Court since its inception, and no women Chief Justices. Just 83 of the 680 judges in the high courts are women. Only 30% of subordinate judges are female.

-Patriarchy in Society
-Opaque Collegium System Functioning
-No Women Reservation
-Familial Responsibilities
-Not Enough Women in Litigation

Why is High Women's Representation Important?
-The presence of women as judges and lawyers, will substantially improve the justice delivery system.
-Women bring to the law a different perspective, one that is built upon their experience.
-They also have a more nuanced understanding of the differing impacts that certain laws may have on men and women.

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