Personality Rights - The Hindu - 03/12/22

Recently, the Delhi High Court recently passed an interim order to prevent the unlawful use of a Bollywood star’s name, image and voice.
The court, through its order, restrained persons at large from infringing the personality rights of the actor.
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Personality Rights:-
-Personality rights refer to the right of a person to protect his/her personality under the right to privacy or property. These rights are important to celebrities as their names, photographs or even voices can easily be misused in various advertisements by different companies to boost their sales.
-Therefore, it is necessary for renowned personalities/celebrities to register their names to save their personality rights.

-The closest statute to protect personality rights is Article 21 of the Constitution of India under rights to privacy and publicity.
-Other statutory provisions protecting personality rights include the Copyright Act, 1957.

-The Indian Trademarks Act, 1999 also protects personal rights under Section 14, which restricts the use of personal names and representations.
-Further, the Delhi High Court in its judgment in Arun Jaitley vs Network Solutions Private Limited and Ors Case (2011) observed that the popularity or fame of an individual will be no different on the internet than in reality.

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