Need to upgrade sports infra in villages for podium finishes - IE - 09/12/22

Context: Recently, during a Parliamentary discussion on promotion of sports in India, MPs raised the issue of limited spending on sports, inadequate infrastructure and inclusivity.
GS2 - Govt. policies
Sports being a ‘State’ subject, the responsibility for development of sports, including opening sports schools, rests with the State/ UT governments.
India’s poor performance at international sporting events such as the Olympics, as evidenced by the country’s low medal record, is cause for concern.

-->Issues faced by the Indian sports sector:
1. Inadequate funding: Though India is a 3.5-trillion economy, it spent just Rs 11,482.77 crore (in the last 5 years) for the development of sports.
2. Inadequate infrastructure: Low number of sports academies, stadiums and equipment.
3. Rural-urban gap: Most of the facilities are concentrated in urban India.
4. Lack of inclusivity in sports: In terms of economic, class, caste and gender.

Way ahead:
-There is a need to support talent from the villages.
-Mega events and sports in the urban and the practising academies should be concentrated in villages.
-Making sports mandatory in schools and schools must have a sports ground and a sports teacher.
-Inviting CSR funding and Public Private Partnerships in Indian sports.

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