Dr B R Ambedkar’s views on moral democracy - The Hindu - 21/12/22

An article, ‘Situating Democracy in Ambedkar’s Moral Discourse’ looks at how Ambedkar situates morality in his discourse of democracy. It also explores the moral foundation that paved the way for Ambedkar’s discourse on democracy.
There have been many studies on B.R. Ambedkar’s conceptualisation of democracy, predominantly explained through the lens of social, political and economic philosophies.
Many authors have failed to explore the multitudes of Ambedkar’s idea of democracy, and through a one-dimensional study of his work, situated him within a dichotomous framework of social democracy versus liberal or political democracy.

-> Types of Morality: Ambedkar divides morality into social morality and constitutional morality.
-Social Morality: He explains that social morality was built through interaction which was based on the mutual recognition of human beings.
-Constitutional morality: Constitutional morality for Ambedkar was a prerequisite to maintaining a system of democracy in a country.

The Buddha and His Dhamma: Ambedkar’s last work focuses on Democratic values
-Democracy as a way of life
-Critical of Extreme Individualism
-Focus on Moral Aspect
-Importance to Practicality
-Moral Democracy beyond Caste System
-New Structure Using Principles of Buddhism
-Role of Religion in Democracy

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