India to Become Largest Populated Country - IE - 23/12/22

It is estimated that around April 2023, India’s 1.43 billion people will exceed China’s population.
In 2022, China will for the first time register an absolute decline in its population.
->Drivers of these Shifts:
i. Mortality and Fertility-
Crude Death Rate (CDR) ; Life Expectancy at Birth ; Total Fertility Rate
ii. Sustained Lows in TFR: Populations can keep growing even with TFRs falling. De-growth requires TFRs to remain below replacement levels for extended periods.

-Having the most people on the planet could prove to be a big negative for India unless it can provide food, education, housing, health services and jobs to its people. The scale of this challenge is ­gigantic.
-Across India, water scarcity is a chronic issue. All these needs are crucial but by far the single most important thing for India to do is to generate jobs. The scale of this ­particular challenge is truly daunting.

-Claim for permanent member at UNSC: If India becomes the largest country, it will give Indians a claim to be the permanent member of the Security Council.
-Increase in Fiscal Space: Fiscal resources can be diverted from spending on children to investing in modern physical and human infrastructure that will increase economic sustainability of India.

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