J&K Land Grant Rules 2022 - The Hindu - 23/12/22

Recently, the Jammu and Kashmir administration has notified “J&K Land Grant Rules 2022” which has ended the owners right to hold on to properties on lease in the Union Territory (U.T.) and plans to outsource these properties afresh online.
->Key Features of J&K Land Grant Rules 2022:
-The new laws replaced “J&K Land Grants Rules 1960”, which had liberal lease policy such as 99-year lease period and extendable.
-The new laws state that all leases, except the subsisting or expired residential leases, including lease granted under the J&K Land Grants Rules 1960, notified area (All Development Authorities set in tourism sector) Land Grants Rules, 2007 and leases expired or determined prior to the coming into force of these rules or issued under these rules shall not be renewed and shall stand determined.

->Rules being Opposed:
-Few Political Parties have argued that the newly-introduced Land Grant Rules-2022 will push six to seven lakh people into the unemployment bracket and will only pave the way for millionaires and capitalists from outside to buy hotels and commercial establishments in J&K.
-The present owners with bank loans will be forced to sell their houses to repay their loans.

->Administrations' Claims for the Rules?
-The J&K Administration has claimed that no poor will be impacted by the amendments to the land laws. Rule of law outside has to be implemented here too.
-There were properties worth ₹100 crore, which were being leased for ₹ 5 as payment. Only such people are worried by the amendments. New rules are to bring J&K at par with the rest of the country.

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