Ministry of Panchayati Raj Year End Review 2022 - PIB - 24/12/22

Recently, the year-end-review of the Ministry of Panchayati Raj for the year 2022 was released.
-->Key Achievements of the Ministry:
-SVAMITVA Scheme: Survey of Villages and Mapping with Improvised Technology in Village Areas (SVAMITVA) scheme was launched by the Prime Minister on National Panchayati Raj Day 2020 to enable economic progress of Rural India by providing “Record of Rights” to every rural household owner.
-e-Gram Swaraj e-Financial Management System: e-Gram Swaraj is a Simplified Work Based Accounting Application for Panchayati Raj.
-Geo-Tagging of Assets: Ministry has developed “mActionSoft”, a mobile based solution to help in capturing photos with Geo-Tags (i.e., GPS Coordinates) for the works which have assets as an output.
-Audit Online: In order to provide audited reports of Panchayat accounts in the public domain, the Ministry had conceptualized the application “AuditOnline” for carrying out online audits of Panchayat accounts pertaining to Central Finance Commission Grants.
-Gram Urja Swaraj: The Ministry has started the Gram Urja Swaraj initiative, with an aim to promote adoption of renewable energy at Gram Panchayat level.
-Revamped Rashtriya Gram Swaraj Abhiyan (2022-23 to 2025-26): The focus of the scheme of Revamped RGSA is on re-imagining Panchayati Raj Institutions as vibrant centers of local self-governance with special focus on Localization of Sustainable Development Goals (LSDGs) at grassroot level adopting thematic approach through concerted and collaborative efforts of Central Ministries and State Line departments and other Stakeholders with ‘Whole of Government and Whole of Society’ approach.

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