National Tourism Policy - The Hindu - 29/12/22

Parliamentary committees have concluded that drafting a National Tourism Policy will not lead to the development of the tourism industry in the country.
-->Concerns raised by the Committee:
-Inclusion in the Concurrent List
-Industry Status to Hospitality Projects
-Regarding Sanctioned Projects: It expressed concern that in projects sanctioned five years ago or before 2017-18, the progress rates achieved have been less than expected.

->Highlights of the Draft National Tourism Policy:
-Industry Status to Sector: It mentions granting industry status to the tourism sector, as well as granting infrastructure status to hotels, in an effort to attract investment.
-Five Key Areas: Five key areas would be given significant focus in the next 10 years — green tourism, digital tourism, destination management, skilling the hospitality sector and supporting tourism-related to Micro, Small and Medium -Enterprises (MSMEs).
-Advocacy for Appropriate Taxation and Subsidy Policies: The Mission will advocate appropriate taxation and subsidy policies to encourage investment in sustainable tourism activities and discourage unsustainable tourism.

->India ranks 6th according to World Travel and Tourism Council in terms of Travel & Tourism total contribution to GDP in 2021. India is currently ranked 54th in World Economic Forum’s Travel & Tourism Development Index (2021).

->Recent Initiatives:
Swadesh Darshan Scheme
Dekho Apna Desh Initiative
National Green Tourism Mission
PRASAD scheme
Buddhist Conclave

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