Crowd Management - IE - 30/12/22

The recent tragedies in Seoul, South Korea, and Morbi in Gujarat have once again put crowds and their management under the spotlight. National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has been mandated, under the provisions of Disaster Management Act 2005 to, inter alia, issue guidelines for the management of disasters that periodically affect the normal life and well-being of the people.
->Causes of Crowd Disaster/Stampede:
-Structural Failures
-Electric/Fire Disasters
-Crowd Behavior
-Inadequate Security
-Lack of Coordination among Administrative Agencies

-> NDMA Guidelines on Crowd Management:
-The first step is to regulate traffic in areas surrounding the pandals and Dussehra grounds.
-CCTV cameras to monitor movement and police presence to reduce the risk of snatching and other petty crimes should also be on the organisers' agenda.
-Medical emergencies can occur in claustrophobic spaces. An ambulance and health care professionals on stand-by can save lives in exigencies.
-On the part of revellers, familiarising people with exit routes, staying calm and following instructions will help prevent stampede-like situations.
-In case a stampede breaks out, protect the chest by placing hands like a boxer and keep moving in the direction of the crowd.
-Organisers should ensure authorised use of electricity, fire safety extinguishers and other arrangements meeting safety guidelines.

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