Road Accidents in India - IE - 04/01/23

As per the Minister of Road Transport and Highways the Indian road accident scenario, with 415 deaths and many injured every day, is more severe than Covid-19.
Present Situation:
-Over 1.5 lakh people died from road accidents in 2021, and this has been the trend for several years.
-According to National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data from 2021, driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol contributed to 1.9% of deaths from accidents.
-Further, nearly 90% of deaths on the road were due to speeding, overtaking, and dangerous driving.

-Infrastructural Deficits: Pathetic conditions of roads and vehicles, poor visibility and poor road design and engineering – including quality of material and construction, especially a single-lane with a sharp curve.
-Negligence and Risks: Over speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, tiredness or riding without a helmet, driving without seatbelts.
-Distraction: Talking over mobile phones while driving has become a major cause of road accidents.
-Overloading: To save on the cost of transportation.
-Weak Vehicle Safety Standards in India

-Economy: As per the World Bank, road crashes cost the Indian economy 3 to 5 percent of GDP each year.
-The Burden on Households
-Vulnerable Road Users (VRUs)
-Gender-Specific Impact: Women in the families of victims bore the burden across poor and rich households, often taking up extra work, assuming greater responsibilities, and performing caregiving activities. According to World Bank’s report “Traffic Crash Injuries and Disabilities: The Burden on Indian Society, 2021,

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