National Geospatial Policy 2022 - Financial express - 06/01/23

The Ministry of Science and Technology has notified a National Geospatial Policy (NGP) 2022, with the goal of making India a world leader in the Global Geospatial Sector.
->In 2021, the Ministry of Science and Technology issued “Guidelines for acquiring and producing Geospatial Data and Geospatial Data Services including Maps”. While the Guidelines deregulated the Geospatial sector by liberalizing Geospatial data acquisition/production/ access, the 2022 Policy takes it further by laying down an overarching framework for holistic development of the Geospatial ecosystem.

->National Geospatial Policy 2022: It is a citizen-centric policy based on Geo-Spatial technology, which seeks to strengthen the Geospatial sector to support national development, economic prosperity and a thriving information economy.
The policy is aimed to set up high resolution topographical survey and mapping, with a high-accuracy Digital Elevation Model (DEM) by 2030.

->Vision and Goals:
-It aims to make India a World Leader in Global Geospatial space with the best in the class ecosystem for innovation.
-To develop a coherent national framework in the country and leverage it to move towards a digital economy and improve services to citizens.
-To develop Geospatial infrastructures, Geospatial skill and knowledge, standards, Geospatial businesses.

->Institutional framework: A Geospatial Data Promotion and Development Committee (GDPDC) at the national level shall be the apex body for formulating and implementing strategies related to promotion of the Geospatial sector.

-Complex Data
-Data Misuse and Privacy Violations
-Security concerns

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