Cancellation of Bauxite Lease - The Hindu - 06/01/23

Ahead of Odisha State Pollution Control Board’s (OSPCB) hearing on Environment Clearance of Mali Parwat Bauxite Mining Lease, local people have started protests demanding permanent cancellation of the lease.

-The opposition to the mining activities in Maliparbat dates back to 2003, when a public hearing was organized by the Odisha SPCB for environmental clearance.
-After a lease was granted to Hindalco in 2007, villagers had alleged that their grievances and objections to the project were ignored.
-According to activists, the company’s Environment Impact Assessment report mentioned that there was no water-body in Maliparvat.
-Villagers had, however, argued that 36 perennial streams flow down from the Maliparvat, which was the source of water for villagers for their agricultural and drinking purposes and the bauxite mining project should be cancelled.
-Till 2011 the company failed to carry out mining and subsequently, its environmental clearance expired. But, in 2012-2014 it started mining illegally without going in for renewal of environmental clearance.
-The industry has got a fresh lease for 50 years for which the public hearing was necessitated.

-Tribals residing in nearby villages have alleged that mining activities in Maliparbat would affect around 42 villages under -Sorishapodar, Dalaiguda and Pakhajhola panchayats.
-Environmentalists have also said that mining can deplete water sources from around 32 perennial streams and four canals in Maliparbat, adversely affecting the livelihoods of the tribals.

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