Unmanned Combat Systems and Concerns - IE - 07/01/23

India is on a drive to induct Unmanned Combat Systems (UCS) into the military. In August, 2022 it inducted “Swarm Drones” into its mechanized forces, reiterating the importance of autonomous systems in creating a “future-proof” Indian Navy (IN).
-Unmanned Combat Systems (UCS) are going to be the new age weapons overturning the rules of future war and have been the focus of research and development of military powers.
-There are no generally accepted definitions for these so-called boasted core weapons of the 21st century.
-For field applications, they can be categorized into,
-Deep space unmanned systems
-Unmanned aerial vehicle systems
-Ground unmanned systems
-Surface unmanned systems
-Underwater unmanned systems

-Faced with the increasingly complex international situation and brutal military wars, the lives and safety of combat soldiers are greatly threatened.
-At this time, the unmanned combat System is becoming increasingly important and has gradually become an important attack and defense force on the information battlefield.

->Ethical Concerns Raised by AI Warfare:
-Risk of Shared Liability
-Confidence Undermining
-Inconsistent with Laws of War
-Cannot Make Informed Decision etc..

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