SC directs the committee to build a framework to ensure road safety - The Hindu - 07/01/23

A Bench led by the Chief Justice of India (D.Y. Chandrachud) agreed that urgent steps need to be taken to enforce Section 136A of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.
-Section 136A was introduced into the Motor Vehicles Act in 2019 to keep an electronic eye on errant drivers.
-In this respect, the SC directed its committee (led by Justice A.M. Sapre) to meet with the Road Transport Secretary and frame State-specific guidelines.

->Data on Road accidents in India:
-According to NCRB data, over 1.5 lakh people died from road accidents in 2021 and nearly 90% of deaths on the road were due to speeding, overtaking and dangerous driving.
-According to the World Bank’s data from 2019, India ranked first among the top 20 countries for road accidents.

->The WB’s report on women’s mobility in India:
-For women, the fear of sexual assault is another cause for concern when they traverse public spaces after dark.
-84% of women’s trips were estimated to be by public transport, and more women tend to walk to work compared to men.

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