Lantana Camara - DTE - 14/01/23

Weeding out the invasive tropical American shrub, Lantana camara, appears to alter the composition of bird species in a forest, according to a new study conducted in Central India.

-Lantana camara (common lantana) is a species of flowering plant within the verbena family (Verbenaceae), native to the American tropics.
-Lantanas arrived in India as a decorative shrub during British colonial period but quickly took over several ecosystems as an invasive plant.
-The shrub can spread on the forest ground, climb over trees a creeper and entangle with other native plants with ease.
-It is a very adaptable species, which can inhabit a wide variety of ecosystems.
-Once it has been introduced into a habitat it spreads rapidly between 45ºN and 45ºS and more than 1,400 metres (4,600 feet) in altitude.

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