Women Get Command Roles in The Indian Army - IE - 24/01/23

Recently, in a significant development the Indian Army cleared the 108 women officers eligible to command units and troops in their respective arms and services for the first time.
->Supreme Court Order in 2020:
-In 2019, the Army changed its rules allowing Short Service Commission (SSC) officers women officers to opt for permanent commission who would have otherwise retired after 14 years of service.
-However, this was not retrospective, and applied only to the batches of women officers starting their career in the Army in 2020.

->Why did their Colonel Promotions Come so Late?
-An officer in the Army is promoted to the rank of Colonel only after serving between 16 and 18 years, based on certain criteria such as annual confidential reports and various courses.
-Women officers who were inducted into the Army were inducted as SSC officers in 1992 and in the years after did not have the choice to opt for permanent commission.
-JAG and Army Education Corps were exceptions, where a permanent commission was opened for them in 2008.

->Commanding a Unit Mean:
Once promoted to the rank of Colonel, an officer is eligible to command troops dire. The position of Colonel is considered a coveted appointment because it is a high-ranking position within the military, but it also allows the officer to interact directly with troops on the ground. This interaction allows the Colonel to have a more hands-on approach to leadership and decision making, which is a unique opportunity not found in higher-ranking positions like Brigadier or Major General.

-Navy: Women officers have been inducted into all branches of the Navy, and they will be eligible for permanent commission in the future. Women officers can command shore-based units and, as they join the service and become eligible for permanent commission, they would be able to command ships and air squadrons.
-Airforce: The IAF has opened all branches for women officers, including the fighter stream and the new weapon systems branch. As they are granted permanent commission based on eligibility and vacancies, they will be eligible to command units in the future.

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