Taliban propose brief Afghan ceasefire- THE HINDU-17-01-2020


The Taliban have offered a brief ceasefire to the U.S., two insurgent sources have revealed.


The Taliban and the U.S. had been negotiating the deal for a year, and were on the brink of an announcement in September 2019 when President Donald Trump abruptly declared the process “dead”, citing Taliban violence.

Talks were later restarted between the two sides in December 2019 in Qatar, but were paused again following an attack near the Bagram military base in Afghanistan, which is run by the U.S.


It is a move which could allow for the resumption of talks seeking a deal for Washington to withdraw troops from
Washington has for weeks been calling on the militants to reduce violence, posing it as a condition for resuming formal negotiations on an agreement that would see U.S. troops begin to leave the country in return for security guarantees, after a near two-decade fight.
A second insurgent source, based in Pakistan, confirmed that the offer had been handed to the U.S.

Way forward:

The insurgents’ offer, if accepted by the Americans, could see the negotiations begin again.
The reports of a temporary ceasefire have been seen as a positive signal.
It is believed that the recent reduction of attacks in urban centres has added weight to the process.

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