Bar-headed goose-The Hindu (PG-08)-24-12-2019


A six-member team attached to Pathanamthitta Birders has spotted the Bar-headed goose (Anser Indicus) in the wetlands of KaringaliPuncha, near Pandalam, reportedly the first sighting in the district.

Two years ago, a few birds were observed in the Periyar Lake at Thekkady. Before that some other observations were made in the Thrissur kole fields and in Kollam. Large flocks used to visit the Koonthakulam bird sanctuary at Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu. However, it is rare that the bird is spotted in Kerala and the recent sighting at puncha is important, says Mr. Hari.

In this we will learn about Periyar lake, Bar-Headed goose

Bar Headed Geese:

• Bar-headed geese are found in central China and Mangolia and they breed there.
• They start migration to the Indian sub-continent during the winter and stay here till the end of the season.
• They are one of the birds which can fly even at very high altitude. They come to India and return to their homes by crossing the Himalayan ranges.
• Cross Himalayas
• Their migration has been a fascination for birders as they cross the Himalayas on one of the most high-altitude migrations in the world. Their ability to sustain the high oxygen demands of flight in air that is exceedingly oxygen-thin is exceptional. The capacity of bar-headed geese to transport and consume oxygen at high rates in hypoxia distinguishes this species from similar lowland waterfowl.

Periyar Lake:

• Periyar is the longest river and the river with the largest discharge potential in the Indian
state of Kerala.
• It is one of the few perennial rivers in the region and provides drinking water for several major towns.
• The Periyar is of utmost significance to the economy of Kerala.
• It generates a significant proportion of Kerala's electrical power via the Idukki Dam and flows along a region of industrial and commercial activity.
• The river also provides water for irrigation and domestic use throughout its course besides supporting a rich fishery.
• Due to these reasons, the river has been named the "Lifeline of Kerala".

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