NTD marked for the 1st time-30-01-2020


Every year January 30 is to be marked as World Neglected Tropical Diseases day. The day creates awareness in addressing the tropical diseases. This is the first time World NTD Day that is being marked.

Neglected Tropical Diseases:

The Neglected Tropical Diseases are caused by pathogens such as bacteria, helminths, viruses and protozoa. They are common in low-income countries of Asia, Africa and America.

The diseases affect more than 149 countries.

According to the WHO, 20 health conditions are categorised as Neglected tropical diseases. They are as follows

Bacterial and Fungal NTDs include Leprosy, Bruli Ulcer,Trachoma,Yaws,Mycetoma,Chromoblastomycoses
Arbovirus infections such as Rabies, Dengue, Chikungunya, scabies Chagas disease, Leishmaniasis and African Trypanosomiasis caused by Protozoans Dracunculiasis, Taeniasis,Schistosomiasis,Onchocerciasis, Echinococcosis caused by Helminth.


WHO estimates that more than a billion population spread across 149 countries are affected from Neglected Tropical Diseases. The common NTD of India is Lymphatic filariasis.

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