Interpol Notice-THE HINDU-04-02-2020

Mains Paper- II

Prelims: Interpol Facts

Mains: Notice details.

According to the Interpol “Notices are international requests for cooperation or alerts allowing police in member countries to share critical crime-related information.”

There are seven types of notices - Red Notice, Yellow Notice, Blue Notice, Black Notice, Green Notice, Orange Notice, and Purple Notice.

The Blue Notice is issued to “collect additional information about a person’s identity, location or activities in relation to a crime.”

While a Red Corner, notice is issued to seek arrest of a wanted person.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) website refers to Blue Notices as ‘B Series (Blue) Notices’.

It says, “The ‘B’ series notices are also called ‘enquiry notices’ and may be issued in order

To have someone’s identity verified

To obtain particulars of a person’s criminal record

To locate someone who is missing or is an identified or unidentified international criminal or is wanted for a violation of ordinary criminal law whose extradition may be requested

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