Virus marches on-THE HINDU-28-02-2020


Though the number of confirmed cases in Wuhan and other parts of mainland China has come down of late, the spread of the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) that causes COVID-19 disease remains unchecked in other countries.

Beyond the high number of cases reported from South Korea, what is indeed alarming is the rate of viral spread. From just 51 cases and no deaths on February 20, the number of cases has grown rapidly each day during the last seven days. At their services in the south-eastern city of Daegu, the virus spread to many in the group, who in turn fanned out around the country, aiding viral transmission. As on February 23, the number of cases traced to the Daegu church is more than half the nation’s total of infected people.

What has made it arduous for South Korea in containing the spread is the difficulty in tracing the contacts of cult members as they prefer not to disclose their affiliation to the church.

All about the China coronavirus COVID-19:

The spread has been equally alarming in Iran though the numbers are far fewer compared with South Korea. Be it the over 500 cases in about half-a-dozen jails in China, to the large number of cases on the cruise ship and large clusters seen in churches in South Korea and Singapore, it becomes apparent that mass gatherings in enclosed spaces are an ideal ground for the virus to spread. This raises the question whether shutting down Wuhan and other cities in China, thus locking both healthy and infected people together, had provided a fertile ground for the virus to spread.

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