EC moots linking Aadhaar with voter ID, Law ministry tells LS-THE HINDU-06-03-2020


The Law Ministry has said, in order to ensure preparation of an error-free electoral roll, and to prevent duplication of entries, a proposal to amend the Representation of People’s Act 1951 to enable linking of the electoral data with the Aadhaar system has been received from the Election Commission.

One of the arguments being made in favour of the move is that it may allow migrant labour and workers to vote even if they are away from their homes at the time of elections. The move will help in providing remote voting rights.

It is believed that this move will not only help in getting rid of bogus voters but will also help the easy movement of voters once the Aadhaar system and election data are linked.

Various technologies, including blockchain, are being considered for the same. The linkage is considered crucial to the EC’s larger objective of ridding the electoral roll of all discrepancies.

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