Nourishment increases Vizag beachfront-THE HINDU-18-03-2020


“Till onset of southwest monsoon or occurrence of a system in the Bay of Bengal the extended beachfront will continue. This is mainly because low tidal wave activity leading to less taking away of sand into the sea,” V. The VPT has engaged Dredging Corporation of India Ltd for the nourishment project after entering into an agreement with it last year for a three-year contract at a cost of Rs.39.96 crore. Beach nourishment is an annual project for the port. It is undertaken in February-March when the climate is very conducive for nourishment.

Nourishment is undertaken since 1976, the construction of Outer Harbour. Murthy said a combination of factors like low velocity in wind speed, reduced pace of winds and nourishment of severely eroded beaches near YMCA and Kali Temple have led to increase in beachfront area. He said slow wave action would lead to receding of sand that led to creation of wide stretch beachfront in the coming months.

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