Women’s safety during lockdown-THE HINDU-13-03-2020


Now, at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, the United Nations recognises domestic violence against women as a “shadow pandemic”. The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a huge spike in domestic violence against women in China, Australia, France, the U. .

Home, not safe for many:

Although asking people to stay at home is an effective and welcome anti-COVID-19 strategy, home is not the safe haven it should be for many women because abusers have increased access to their victims and survivors have decreased or no access to resources. Domestic violence can be verbal, financial, psychological and sexual. Women are most often the caregivers for those quarantined at home and already infected with the virus, which makes them more vulnerable to contracting the disease. Domestic violence is rooted in the inequities of power and control.

The abusers feel an enormous loss of power and control over their own lives due to the pandemic. They vent their frustration on the women in the house. The victims are not only unable to speak out because they are quarantined at home with the perpetrators, but also because the lockdown prevents them from seeking help outside. Hospitals do not have the space or time to look at domestic violence cases.

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